Pet Diagnostics

At Three Bridges Veterinary Hospital, understands diagnostics are an integral part of veterinary medicine and we place a strong emphasis on utilizing exceptional diagnostic tools.


Pet Diagnostics in Basking Ridge, NJ

We utilize a broad spectrum of in-house and ancillary diagnostic tools to help us manage the ongoing health of our patients.

Pet Diagnostics

A thorough physical examination is a critical part of any veterinary visit; however, there may be occasions where we need to look a bit deeper to better understand why your pet isn’t feeling well. Our diagnostic tools include digital X-ray, blood and body fluid analysis, skin and ear cytology, ultrasound, and more.

Digital X-rays eliminate film processing errors, which reduces the need for retakes and thus protects your animal from unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Ultrasound can be a valuable tool in obtaining an accurate and thorough diagnosis of your pet’s illness.

From an ear infection to urinary tract disease to pancreatitis, our in-house laboratory allows us to get to the bottom of your pet’s illness faster, which means getting your family member on the road to recovery that very same day.