Pet Geriatric Care

As our pets age, their needs change. At Three Bridges Veterinary Hospital, we want to keep your senior pet comfortable and mobile throughout their golden years.

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Pet Geriatric Care in Basking Ridge, NJ

If you notice that your dog has developed gray hair around his snout, it is a sign that they are getting older. Dogs are considered seniors (mature adults) between the ages of 7 and 8 years old, and cats are considered seniors by the time they reach 9 years old.

Pet Geriatric Care

As your pet ages, it is important that we monitor and discuss changes in attitude or activity at home. Such changes may include weight gain or loss, decreased activity level or soreness after exercise, changes in urination, defecation, or water intake, to name a few.

You have probably heard of hospice care for humans. It is also available to patients with a life-limiting or terminal illness that is designed to improve the quality of the life that they have remaining. As considerate and committed animal lovers and veterinarians, we believe that our pets deserve the same courtesy.